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from David Kiger

David R. Kiger is an expert in business strategies and tactics, having built and guided Worldwide Express from startup to global logistics provider for more than 30,000 small and midsize businesses.

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About David Kiger


David R. Kiger started Worldwide Express out of his spare bedroom in Houston, armed with only $5,000 and a smart business plan. The company’s founding principle was to give small and midsize businesses the same volume discount in shipping that large companies enjoy. That principle, along with a laser focus on a motivated, well-trained and positive workforce, has sustained Worldwide Express and fed its exponential growth, with current sales in excess of $750 million. Kiger has led the company since the beginning, overseeing all aspects of the business, including the strategic and tactical vision. He also was the principal architect of the recapitalization of Worldwide Express with Allied Capital (ALD), completed in 2007.David is a major investor in Exos Transport Group and Alef Mobitech as well an as advisor to Alef founder Dr.Ganesh Sundaram. He is also majority shareholder and Chairman of beGlammed.com and is on the board of advisors of AFI (American Film Institute).

Q&A With David

Tell us a little about yourself, your background and your management style.

David R. Kiger: I graduated from the University of Alabama with a bachelor’s degree. My first job was with Baxter Healthcare, a Fortune 100 company based in Chicago. Then I went to work at Trammell Crow Company in Houston. I was working at Crow when I started Worldwide Express.

How does positive energy transform the Worldwide Express sales force?

David R. Kiger: Cold calling everyday takes a special kind of person, and I think that kind of person tends to be optimistic by nature. Competitive by nature. Those are the things we look for. I think the culture is the way it is because of the people we are a hiring. The people who do well here tend to think that way.